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Forest Cemetery, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, U. American actress, appearing on stage, film, and television. Duke, her brother Raymond, and her sister Carol experienced a difficult childhood. When Duke was six, her mother forced her father to abc of mental health pdf the family home.

When Duke was eight, her care was turned over to talent managers John and Ethel Ross, who, after promoting Patty’s brother, were looking for a girl to add to their stable of child actors. The Rosses’ methods of managing Duke’s career were often unscrupulous and exploitative. They consistently billed Duke as being two years younger than she actually was and padded her resume with false credits. They gave her alcohol and prescription drugs, took unreasonably high fees from her earnings and made sexual advances to her. She also appeared in print ads and in television commercials. Duke eventually testified before Congressional investigators — and broke into tears when she admitted she’d been coached to speak falsely, an incident Sonny Fox described when interviewed for the PBS program reviewing the quiz scandals.