Abu hamid al ghazali livre pdf

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Through his works, he became well-known in the East as well as the Abu hamid al ghazali livre pdf. Little is known about his life.

13th centuries thus had few facts to hand, and used invented stories about his life. From incidental accounts it is known that he spent significant time in Baghdad with Christian scholars including the cleric Yuhanna ibn Haylan, Yahya ibn Adi, and Abu Ishaq Ibrahim al-Baghdadi. He later spent time in Damascus, Syria and Egypt before returning to Damascus where he died in 950-1. His name was Abū Naṣr Muḥammad b. Persian toponym meaning “lands irrigated by diversion of river water”.

Scholars largely agree that Farabi’s ethnic background is not knowable. Farabi hailed from a Persian family. Muhammad Javad Mashkoor argues for an Iranian-speaking Central Asian origin. A Persian origin has been discussed by other sources as well. Based on this account, some modern scholars say he is of Turkic origin.