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2008 to give ace the postal exam pdf to her second child. She returned to Walford on 6 June 2008.

Denise has gone on to marry two additional times. 2009, with them divorcing two years later after he is imprisoned for murder. Denise’s third child, a son, is born in 2017, but she gives him up for adoption, shortly before her mother tells her she is adopted herself. Libby and he later kidnaps her. He tries to drown himself and Libby but she recovers and Owen is arrested. DNA test proves that he is not. The identity of Denise’s father is never discovered, but Aubrey also eliminates himself.

Walford, she causes problems for Denise and Kevin. After Shirley tells everyone this, Kevin flees. Upset, Denise threatens to move away but stays when Kevin returns and proposes marriage. Denise and Carly leave Walford after the funeral, seeking the right place to scatter Kevin’s ashes. Denise is initially hostile but she warms to him when she sees he has changed and they eventually reunite. Trina attempts to seduce Lucas but he accidentally kills her.

Denise helps Jordan come to terms with his mother’s death, with them believing it to be an overdose. With Trina dead, Denise and Lucas are able to marry, though further complications arise when Owen is released from prison. He desperately tries to show Denise that she cannot trust Lucas but they marry regardless. Lucas kills Owen on their wedding day and his body is discovered eight months later. Lucas confesses to Denise, claiming self-defence.

At first, she agrees to protect him but convinces him to go to the police. However, he instead drives her to a canal. When she refuses to submit to God, he strangles her. Denise, her family believing she committed suicide. Lucas keeps Denise prisoner in the house next door but she escapes after a few weeks and Lucas is arrested, later sentenced to life imprisonment.