Automatic air suspension system pdf

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Many vehicle systems on a conventional vehicle are negatively affected by the change in attitude coming from changes automatic air suspension system pdf load – specifically a heavy load in the rear seat or luggage compartment. Most of the braking power is on the front wheels of a vehicle, which means you will have more effective braking when more weight is over the front wheels.

When the rear end has a heavy load, the braking is not as effective. The weight is concentrated on the rear end of the vehicle, and the rear brakes need to do all of the work. When braking quickly in this situation, the front brakes will be easier to lock up because of the lack of weight transfer to the front of the vehicle. Self-levelling suspension lifts the rear end of the vehicle up to spread out the weight more evenly. This puts the weight back onto the front end of the vehicle, which lets the brakes do their job more effectively. There is an inherent conflict in suspension design – if the springs are soft, the car will be comfortable but dramatically affected by load. If the springs are hard, the car will be uncomfortable, but less affected by load.