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The Curve Ball Effect is a trademarked bodyweight workout protocol by Dr Kathryn Harney for men and women over 35 designed to break through physical homeostasis, or resistance to change, with short, intense and barstarzz workout routine pdf home workouts. Complete Double Edged Fat Loss 2.

Bodyweight Flow Review – Does This Unusual Bodyweight Training Plan Work? Dr Kathryn Harney for men and women over 35 designed to break through physical homeostasis, or resistance to change, with short, intense and varied home workouts. This review will uncover how it works and what the pros and cons are. What Is Curve Ball Effect Total Body? Who Is It Right For? The creator of The Curve Ball Effect is Dr. This means the creator of this program is real and qualified.

This is a training method based on bodyweight workouts which accidentally Kathryn Harney came across when her husband was in his Junior Year In College Wrestling at Michigan State University. She claims that he was having trouble cutting weight for matches and needed a safe and effective method to lose weight quickly that it wasn’t just temporary water loss. A new trainer put him through unusual bodyweight exercises that he had never done before. These movements involved the whole of his body with each and every movement and sure enough, he quickly dropped down to within his weight division frame. In other words, the whole plan is designed to fight the natural tendency of your body to adapt very quickly to any kind of stimulus you may throw at it, be it cardio, treadmill, weight resistance split routines or whatever schedule of workouts, sets and repetitions you may use. According to the author, isolation exercises and split routines make it difficult to lose weight because they do not challenge your body hard enough.

You end up targeting single muscle groups in any given day, missing out on a full impact workout. Even slow, long cardio may not be that effective, as it raises metabolic rate just temporarily while you are running on the treadmill, but it drops again no sooner you finish your workout, unlike the high intensity, short efforts outlined in the program. By swapping full body movements all the time and keeping your body always guessing, you basically prevent it from settling into a homeostatic comfort zone, the usual occurrence when your body becomes efficient at the drills you put it through and quickly reaches a plateau, with no further fat loss or lean muscle gain. The Plan is based on a trademarked Curve-Ball Effect Activation System or CBEAS which is allegedly successful at burning fat and keeping it off for good. The 10 to 20-minute workouts are very flexible and can be modified to your needs on a 14-day schedule, there are up to 3 variations for each exercise for three levels of difficulty and fitness level. Each workout targets the whole body, greatly increasing workout load within a given time frame. This means they are also time-efficient and can be easily slot into your daily commitments.

48 hours post-exercise as always is the case with high intensity interval training routines. The Curve Ball Effect Total Body plan just adds constant variation in short, high intensity bursts to make it adaptation-proof for faster results and more enjoyment, as you do not have the chance to get bored with the same exercises, sets and reps over and over again. The intriguing part is that each pattern of 30-second movements can be done in few minutes, a couple times a week without equipment but your own body. The plan is designed for men and women of any age, but those above 35 will benefit the most as you become more prone to physical homeostasis as you age.

This is a set of unique total body movements designed to instantly activate your belly’s fat cells. These are HIIT exercises precisely put in place to kick off your metabolic rate and start burning fat for up to 96 hours after the end of your workout. Basically, a follow up strategy of Phase 1 again designed to keep your metabolism in high gear, this time with different 30-Second Curve-Ball Effect Fat Shrinking movements to keep burning fat away. A carry-on phase with more exercises , 30-second intervals and 20-minute workouts.

This is a program for those with a busy life and no time or will go to a gym or use equipment, who still want an effective home workout method for losing fat and general fitness. It is a 14- day body toning protocol for men and women who are fed up with endless workouts and restrictive diets that gets them nowhere. Moms at home with kids, professionals, people with a hectic lifestyle and commitments or affected by gym-phobia will find this program attractive. The program is entirely digital and can be conveniently accessed from your PC, tablet or smartphone. The materials are in PDF and MP4 formats instantly available without home delivery. The main manual and the foundation of the program. Description on how to perform the 10 to 20 minute workouts.