Basic obedience training for dogs pdf

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This article has multiple issues. The basic obedience training for dogs pdf would determine if the dog displayed the appropriate traits and characteristics of a proper working German Shepherd.

Today, it is used as a sport where many breeds other than German Shepherd Dogs can compete, but it is such a demanding test that few dogs can pass. Schutzhund tests dogs of all breeds for the traits necessary for police-type work. The purpose of Schutzhund is to identify dogs that have or do not have the character traits required for these demanding jobs. Schutzhund tests for these traits.

It also tests for physical traits such as strength, endurance, agility, and scenting ability. The goal of Schutzhund is to illuminate the character and ability of a dog through training. Breeders can use this insight to determine how and whether to use the dog in producing the next generation of working dogs. 1900 as an all-around working dog. Within a few years it was clear that the dogs were losing their working ability. Schutzhund was developed at this time as a test of working ability for German Shepherds. Only German Shepherds that had passed a Schutzhund test or a herding test were allowed to breed and thus have their progeny registered as German Shepherd Dogs.