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This article has multiple issues. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Later canals used building skin on frame boats robert morris pdf and larger locks to allow a more direct route to be taken.

The distance between the two locks was rather more than 50 paces, and the whole space was covered with a great roof like a shed. In large scale river navigation improvements, weirs and locks are used together. In more advanced river navigations, more locks are required. The longer the cut, the greater the difference in river level between start and end of the cut, so that a very long cut will need additional locks along its length.

As engineers became more ambitious in the types of country they felt they could overcome, locks became essential to effect the necessary changes in water level without detours that would be completely uneconomic both in building costs and journey time. However, locks continued to be built to supplement these solutions, and are an essential part of even the most modern navigable waterways. A plan and side view of a generic, empty canal lock. The boat enters the lock.

The lower gates are closed. The upper gates are closed. The lock is filled with water from upstream. The lock is emptied by draining its water downstream. The upper gates are opened. The lower gates are opened.

The boat exits the lock. The position of the chamber is fixed, but its water level can vary. The principle of operating a lock is simple. The entrance gates are opened and the boat moves in.