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South Indian musician and rival to Sunil Dutt is among the highlights of the film. It was considered as one of the best cinematography books in hindi pdf movies ever made in Hindi film history.

Mehmood’s portrayal of a south Indian music teacher was one of his all time best and noted performances and a key highlight of the film. Top 25 Must See Bollywood Films”. But Bindu was a short tempered girl and gets annoyed by Bhola. Bhola’s friend and mentor comes to his rescue and spies on Bindu. Vidyapathi finds out that Bindu loves music very much and that’s the reason why she moves close with Pillai. He tries to make maestro of Bhola but fails.

He later devises an idea to give voice to Bhola in the background while Bhola copies him in the front. Their plan succeeds and Bindu slowly starts to fall for Bhola, much to the disapproval of Pillai. But on one fine day Bindu finds out their drama and gets enraged. She agrees to the marriage proposal of Kunwar Pratap Singh though she knew that he was old and uncle of Bhola. Vidyapathi and his gang goes to Pratap Singh and make him to cancel the match by telling him about Bhola’s love. This further enrages Bindu who decides to marry Pillai, just to get even with Bhola.