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Bats are good neighbors to have around. A free house plans pdf brown bat can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes in one hour.

They are a great natural pest controller. Bats like tight and warm spaces. They like it to be 80 to 100 degrees in July when they have their young with them. Take a look at them to see which bat house you like. Their website has many great Bat House Resources including two Free Bat House Plans. They also have articles on installing and making successful Bat Houses. Most of their links are to PDF files.

Building a 4 Chamber Bat House with illustrations, Bat Facts, Bat Food, Bats of the Southeast, and Attracting Bats. This page discusses constructing a bat house. Included with many pictures is how to build a bat house, materials needed and finally how to hang a bat house. Click on the pictures for larger images. Has an online Do-It-Yourself Bat House. He has over 500 bat links.