Fundamentals of tribology pdf

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This article is about industrial fundamentals of tribology pdf. It may also have the function of transmitting forces, transporting foreign particles, or heating or cooling the surfaces.

In addition to industrial applications, lubricants are used for many other purposes. Lubicants have been in some use for thousands of years. Building stones were slid on oil-impregrated lumber in the time of the pyramids. Relying initially on natural oils, needs for such machinery shifted toward petroleum-based materials early in the 1900s. This technology allowed the purification of very nonvolatile substances, which are common in many lubricants.

PTFE tape used in plumbing, air cushion and others. Celsius in metallic sliding systems, however, practical use is still many years away due to their physically unstable nature. A large number of additives are used to impart performance characteristics to the lubricants. At low temperatures, free radical inhibitors such as hindered phenols are used, e.