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England, from 29 September to 15 December 1992. Each of the show’s twelve episodes was five minutes in length. He admitted “good idea” on every funny bones book pdf he approved of from Little.

The pet dog of the skeleton brothers who loved bones, digging holes, and found everything that the skeleton brothers need. The pet black cat of the skeleton brothers, who always got chased by Dog. Unlike other characters, she was not a skeleton. The skeleton owner of the pet shop, who Big and Little took Dog into with a view to swapping him for another pet.

The doctor skeleton who helped Big and Little to stop them bumping in the night in the episode “Bumps in the Night”. Big and Little decide to swap Dog for another pet, because all he does is bark and dig holes. But after Big and Little’s rabbit, Mr. Hoppy, turned out to be a female and had too many babies, they decide to swap them back for Dog.