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Truffaut was born in Paris on 6 February 1932. His hitchcock truffaut pdf download free english was Janine de Montferrand. His mother’s future husband, Roland Truffaut, accepted him as an adopted son and gave him his surname.

He was passed around to live with various nannies and his grandmother for a number of years. It was his grandmother who instilled in him her love of books and music. He lived with his grandmother until her death when Truffaut was eight years old. It was only after his grandmother’s death that he lived with his parents for the first time. Truffaut’s mother’s family disputed the findings but Truffaut himself believed and embraced them. Truffaut would often stay with friends and try to be out of the house as much as possible. It was the cinema that offered him the greatest escape from an unsatisfying home life.

It was there that his obsession began. He frequently played truant from school and would sneak into theaters because he didn’t have enough money for admission. After being expelled from several schools, at the age of fourteen he decided to become self-taught. Two of his academic goals were to watch three movies a day and read three books a week.