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SSC conducted by RPSC, UPSC and other state indian constitution full pdf PSCs. Specified in the representation of the People Act. A voluntary agreement among recognized political parties.

Who is the chairman of the Lok Sabha ? Which one of the following Articles empowers the President to Appoint Prime Minister of India ? Which one of the following sets of Bills is Presented to the Parliament along with the Budget ? Which of the following exercised the most profound influence in framing the Indian Constitution ? In which article of the Constitution of India has the Joint Sitting of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha been provided ? Which of the following Committees are Committees of Parliament?

What does Article 17 of the Constitution Say? Who is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces in India? Who is known as the sculptor of the constitution of India’? What was the ‘privy purse’ in the context of the history of Modern India? To lay down financial policies of Union govt. Who decides whether a bill is a Money Bill or Not ?