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The series takes place in the fictional seaside town of Storybrooke, Maine, in which the residents are actually characters from various fairy tales that were transported to the “real world” town by a powerful curse. Henry places himself in danger when he investigates a mysterious sinkhole, forcing a regretful Archie to save him. Jiminy Cricket was typically a character that appeared in other people’s stories, so she was eager to explore him in his own narrative. Espenson especially wanted to depict how some, like Jiminy in this episode, “have their adolescence well after adolescence. It took Jiminy a long time to figure out how to get away from the life he was living, and I think a lot of people feel like that. 7 million viewers watched the episode, helping it finish in third place for its timeslot. That Still Small Voice” finished in fourteenth place for the week among the major networks.

Since then, it has garnered generally positive critical reviews. A straw spinning wheel is shown in the forest. The Storybrooke events of this episode occur immediately after the events of “The Price of Gold”. Geppetto has grown into an old man. After he finishes collecting some stolen goods, Jiminy tells them that he desires to leave the family business. He runs into a young boy who tells him to follow his conscience. Later that evening, Jiminy and his parents convince a couple to give up some goods in exchange for a tonic that will supposedly make them immune to a plague.

He soon discovers that his father switched Rumpelstiltskin’s tonic with the one they sold, and finds that the couple have been turned into dolls. Even worse, he then discovers that the couple were the parents of the young boy he spoke to earlier. Having realized what he has done, Jiminy makes a wish and receives an answer from The Blue Fairy, who shows up to give him his one true wish: becoming a cricket. Jiminy is also told that he has a chance to help someone in the future, starting with the young boy, who would grow up to be Gepetto.

As for the cursed dolls, they end up as a collection at Mr. In the present day, Dr. An explosion soon after causes the town to shake, followed by a sinkhole that emerges at an abandoned mine shaft. She is also not pleased with the sheriff hiring Emma, and also reminds Archie that she can have him fired and out on the streets if he fails to succeed in dissuading Henry of the veracity of the fairy tale stories.

The next day, Archie follows through on Regina’s warning by convincing Henry that the fairy tale stories are not real, upsetting Henry. This prompts Emma to pay a visit to Archie as she figures out that Regina was responsible for threatening him. Emma accuses Regina of threatening Archie, but Regina says that Henry is missing again. Archie conjectures that Henry may have gone back to the mine shaft.