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In his own words, the trip “corrupted” him, sparking a fascination with the possibilities of rock music. When I founded the group I was a classical composer and conductor and pianist making piano recitals, playing a lot of contemporary music but also Brahms, Chopin and Beethoven and everything. And when we got together I wanted to do something in which all contemporary music becomes one thing. Contemporary music in Europe especially, the new music was classical music was Boulez, Stockhausen and all that. Then there was jazz and all these elements were our contemporary music, it was new. It was, in a way, much newer than the new classical music which claimed to be ‘the new music’.

Up to that point, the inclinations of all three musicians had been exclusively avant-garde classical. As the group developed a more rock-oriented sound, a disappointed Johnson left the group at the end of 1968. The band used the names “Inner Space” and “The Can” before finally settling on “CAN”. English paper had claimed this was the actual meaning of Can. However, Malcolm Mooney had originally suggested the name Can due to it having positive meanings in various languages.

Father Cannot Yell” and “Outside My Door”. Liebezeit’s tight but multifarious drumming was crucial in carrying the music. Mooney returned to America soon afterwards on the advice of a psychiatrist, having been told that getting away from the chaotic music of Can would be better for his mental health. Suzuki was asked to perform with the band that same night. 1970, a compilation of music made for films that also contained two earlier tracks recorded with Mooney.

The next few years saw Can release their most acclaimed works. While their earlier recordings tended to be at least loosely based on traditional song structures, on their mid-career albums the band reverted to an extremely fluid improvisational style. Top 10 German hit “Spoon”. Shortly after the appearance Schmidt suffered a broken leg which led to cancellation of the band’s UK tour.

Can moving towards a somewhat more conventional style as their recording technology improved. Czukay performed with a double bass. The band seemed to be in a hiatus shortly afterwards, but reunions have taken place on several occasions since. Since the split, all the former members have been involved in musical projects, often as session musicians for other artists. Grönland record’s compilation album Pop 2000.

Michael Karoli died of cancer on November 17, 2001. Can have since been the subject of numerous compilations, live albums and samples. Jaki Liebezeit died of pneumonia on January 22, 2017, and Holger Czukay died of unknown causes on September 5, 2017, thus leaving Irmin Schmidt as the sole surviving consistent member of the group. Thomas Hopf and Mandjao Fati. Karoli also performed on numerous occasions with Damo Suzuki’s Network. Damo Suzuki returned to music in 1983 and since then he has been playing live improvisational shows around the world with local musicians and members of touring bands at various points, sometimes issuing live albums.

Malcolm Mooney recorded an album as singer for the band Tenth Planet in 1998. TV show in Germany since 1995. Rebop Kwaku Baah died in 1983 following a brain hemorrhage. 1976 from their unreleased studio recordings.

1981, was a compilation of unreleased 1968-1969 recordings. 2004 and 17 LP collection box “Can” in 2014. A series of tracks on Can albums, known as “Ethnological Forgery Series”, abbreviated to “E. S”, demonstrated the band’s ability to successfully recreate ethnic-sounding music. Czukay referred to Can’s live and studio performances as “instant compositions”.