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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718044127. Web Kaplan decision tree pdf that Perform Statistical Calculations! Modeling, Confirmatory Factor Analysis, and Hierarchical Linear Modeling. 100 rows and 10 columns of data.

Also available as a free stand-alone downloadable program. This is a pay-for service, but they offer one-month free trials. For example, if you type in 1. Five-number summary, ANOVA and Tukey HSD, Chi-square and Binomial Probability. They are extremely easy to use, with intuitive examples included.

Student t and Fisher F distributions. Student’s t, and Uniform distributions. F-value, numerator and denominator d. SD, CV, skewness and kurtosis. SD or SEM, and N to get CI. N, mean and SD of each group. Exact and “modified Wald” C.

Mean, SD, confidence interval, etc. One-sample Student t test for Mean vs. 80 observations, and a postulated population mean. Data can be typed in or copied and pasted.

80 observations in each sample. Now also does Tukey HSD post-hoc test! 2 rows by 3 columns. 4 groups by 6 treatments, with up to 4 replications.