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Registered as political party on 16 October 1995. The light on life svoboda pdf adopted a party emblem that could be associated with fascist formation and in Europe is used by Neo-Nazi organizations. Ukraine the Crimea and Black Sea Fleet. The SNPU’s official program defined itself as an “irreconcilable enemy of Communist ideology” and all other parties to be either collaborators and enemies of the Ukrainian revolution, or romanticists.

The paramilitary organization, which continues to use the Wolfsangel symbol, was disbanded in 2004 during the SNPU’s reformation and reformed as an independent organization in 2005. Svoboda attending social campaigns such as protests against price increases and leafleting against drugs and alcohol. Tyahnybok was reelected to the Ukrainian parliament. In 2004 the party had less than 1,000 members. In February 2004, the arrival of Oleh Tyahnybok as party leader led a significant change in moderating the Social-National Party’s image.

Andrushkiv, former head of the party, rejected Tyahnybok’s claim that Svoboda was successor party to the SNPU and called Svoboda ‘a different political phenomenon. Tyahnybok never concealed that these changes were made primarily for image purposes. 2004 and re-established in 2005 in a different legal form, continued to maintain ties with Svoboda. It was not until 2007 that this paramilitary organisation announced the break-up of all relationships with “Svoboda”. Even then, some prominent Svoboda members, such as Andriy Illienko from Svoboda’s Kiev branch, continued to identify themselves with the ideas of “Patriot of Ukraine”. Moscovites, Germans, Jews and other scum who wanted to take away our Ukrainian state.

That year the party claimed to have 15,000 members. This was the best result for a far-right party in Ukraine’s history. In the second round, Tyahnybok did not endorse a candidate. Ukraine-haters in her close circles. Svoboda party, when it won 34. 4 per cent of votes cast.