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On April 12, 2010 a Guinness Book of Records event took place with 225 Skylines taking part in a parade lap at nissan dualis 2008 manual pdf ISTS at Silverstone UK, which produced two world records: the most recorded Nissan Skylines at one meet at one time, and Most Nissan Skylines on a track at the same time. Two models were available: the ALSIS-1 standard and the ALSID-1 Deluxe.

The ALSIS-1 standard model featured a grille with a large center bar with 6 vertical slats above it. The side strips ran straight from the rear of the car to the front doors, where it dipped into a V-shape, widening and kicked upwards until it hit the front of the car. The side badge said “Skyline”. The ALSID-1 Deluxe featured a different grille compared to the standard model.

The large center bar was absent and instead a pair of fog lights are mounted just inside of the front turn signals. Between the fog lights “PRINCE” is spelled out in individual gold letters. A painted side strip, surrounded by a chrome strip ran horizontally the length of the car, widening from front to back. On this side strip was the side badge, which said “Skyline Deluxe”. The ALSI-2 series was released in October 1959 and was nearly identical to the ALSI-1 series except for the engine. In February 1960 the ALSI-2-1 series was released. V-shape in the side strip was moved from the front doors to the rear doors.

On Deluxe models the side strip design remained the same. The standard model gained quad headlights in September 1960 with the release of the ALSI-2-2 series. In May 1961 the BLSI-3 series was released. OHV four-cylinder engine from the Gloria. The BLSI series was otherwise identical to the ALSI series, except for a “1900” badge on the side. The standard model received the new engine in October 1961.