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Photography lessons for digital photographers. Great tips and tutorials that will photography tips and tricks for beginners pdf you to improve your photography. Here is your chance to learn photography online absolutely free.

This page will give you some really basic digital photography tips to get you started and hopefully give you a thirst for more knowledge. They are suitable for both beginners and more advanced photographers. PDF format, so you can read at your leisure on your computer or tablet. It’s just a bit of fun but you might learn something too. Here are some more of the photos that I have taken over the years, click on the thumbnails to read all about how they were taken. ANY WAY ANYWHERE else, in part or in whole without explicit WRITTEN permission. Recommended Web design books, graphic design books, design business books, typography books, more.

Books on Web Design, Color, Photoshop, Graphics, Web Graphics, Web Project Management, Web Design Business, more. Within the Design and Layout, Graphic Design, Web Design area you’ll find a wide range of annotated links to Web design tutorials, design and layout principles and tutorials, graphic design principles and tutorials, tips, and resources, and cross-platform and cross-browser issues. You’ll also find helpful Web design style guides and Web sites devoted to Web design and layout, graphic design, design and layout, and related design topics. In addition, you’ll find recommended books on graphic design, design and typography, typography, Web design business, graphic design business, freelancing, Web design and layout, and more. Web Style Guide available via Amazon.

Web Style Guide: Basic Design Principles for Creating Web Sites, Second Edition, by Patrick J. Published by Yale University Press, March 2002. Section of the Page Design chapter from The Web Style Guide. Examples of each are included with this tutorial. Online course all about basic graphic design principles. This is at the very heart of every good design, but what is it, and why do we need to remember it? As the rule suggests, this rule comes in 2 parts.

What makes up the concept and who is going to see it? I can see that was clear as mud to some of you, so I will clarify. Series of articles, tutorials at About. Online chapter from The Web Style Guide. Sections include visual hierarchy, consistency, page dimensions, page length, design grids for Web pages, page headers and footers, page layout, general design principles, and much more. Typography is also an important aspect of design. Terrific forum discussion on learning graphic design.

Lots of helpful insight in how to think creatively and develop your graphic design skills, and plenty of good advice throughout this thread. Lots of examples and discussion of 2007 trends at year end. Includes screenshots, links to examples. Explains divine proportion, divine ratio, the golden section, provides lots of screenshots and examples – all in terms of applying these to Web site design work. Shows how to figure out the divine ratio and apply it to your layout, and links to free and commercial tools to help with this, too. This article at WDVL covers how to think like users with your site design. Learn how to integrate Web design, content, and navigation with branding and marketing as well.

Covers designing using a grid as a basis, basic design principles for balance, consistency, and designing vertical Web pages, and for screens of information. Designing Web Usability, by Jakob Nielsen – amazon. At WDVL, chapter 4 excerpt from the book by the same name, published by New Riders, Jakob Nielson, author. Excellent chapter on design for search engine implementation at your site. Jakob Nielsen’s commentary about Pointer’s Study of how readers read the Web.

Interesting reading, links to various resources and info. The Principles of Beautiful Web Design . Principles of Beautiful Web Design . Great article explaining important principles for Web page design and layout. Packed with plenty of examples, screenshots, and helpful insight. Usable navigation for registration forms based on keeping it as simple as possible, eliminating unnecessary steps, clicks, info, more. Great multi-faceted article about using text to create some very inspiring designs.

Includes several Web site examples, too. Alertbox article from his 1997 article. Contains many good thoughts and tips about usability and Web design. Jakob Nielsen once again evaluates where things are with Web Design. The list has changed from his earlier articles on this. Jakob Nielsen once again evaluates where things are with Web Design at the end of 2005. As always, the new list changes, but some things remain, and there are new additions, too.