Porcelain fused to metal crown preparation pdf

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CAM often involves extra time on the part of the dentist, and the fee porcelain fused to metal crown preparation pdf often at least two times higher than for conventional restorative treatments using lab services. CAM is one of the highly competent dental lab technologies. CAM dentistry was used in the mid-1980s, early efforts were considered a cumbersome novelty, requiring an inordinate amount of time to produce a viable product.

CAM available to dentists who formerly would not have had avenues for using it. The patient returns later to have the temporaries removed and the laboratory-made crown cemented or bonded in place. CAM system enables the dentist to create a finished inlay in as little as an hour in some cases. CAM restorations are more conservative in their preparation of the tooth. CAM services, the dentist’s time is commonly doubled and the fee is therefore doubled.