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Please prtg network monitor configuration pdf this error screen to 108. Hi Anyone can tell how to show F5 version by command or gui? How to show F5 version by command or gui? Want to protect your cyber security and still get fast solutions?

Ask a secure question today. Log in to the Configuration utility. The software version displays in the Version field. I found them from below two main reference links from F5. Who’s Defending Your Organization from Threats? Download our resource kit today to learn more about the tools you need to build you IT Dream Team! Tackle projects and never again get stuck behind a technical roadblock.

Hello, We’re a HP Procurve switch shop with Cisco routers. We’re moving into the H3Cs now. They are very different from the way Cisco and Procurves are configured. We’re a HP Procurve switch shop with Cisco routers. I can seamlessly bring it inline into my network? No login prompt when plugging into it’s console port using a console cable on a XP PC with hyperterminal.

Configure your PC’s IP address as 172. This was all with the PC connected to the switch via ethernet. I tried but I couldn’t get the switch on the network. I assigned it an IP address, but I couldn’t get it to ping any device. I also need to know how to properly configure – in the procurve parlance – tagged and untagged ports. Thank you all for your help, in advance. Ok, just to get started, where are you connecting on that port?

When you configure it as a link-aggregation or Cisco speak Etherchannel, you have the whole negotiation of 802. So start out with just one cable connected configured, undo the link-aggregation assignment on your port. On that port, you want to do “port access vlan 1” so that the untagged vlan is 1. This guide is really helpful for those familiar with Cisco configs. 1, interface vlan X, etc.

Then you can add a routing protocol to further spread this. IP, zzzz is a random description. Get a firm grasp on your IT environment when you learn Active Directory best practices with Veeam! Watch all, or choose any amount, of this three-part webinar series to improve your skills.

From the basics to virtualization and backup, we got you covered. Just a fix on the routing part – the 5120 does not support dynamic routing. So in order to do routing, you have your vlan interfaces and you can use static routes. X is your network, Y. Y is your mask, and Z. Configure RADIUS scheme 2000 and enter its view.