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DC cancelled all of its existing titles and debuted 52 new series reboot with joe 3 day plan pdf September 2011 with new first issues. New titles were released to bring the number of ongoing monthly series to fifty-two.

DC’s internal continuity to make characters more modern and accessible. May 2015, although the continuity of The New 52 continued. In June 2015, 24 new titles were launched, alongside 25 returning titles, with several of those receiving new creative teams. 80-page one-shot on May 25, 2016, and continuing through late 2016. The new continuity features new outfits and backstories for many of DC’s long-established heroes and villains. DC Universe but rather a “soft reboot”. While many characters underwent a reboot or revamp, much of the DC Universe’s history remained intact.

DC editorial constructed a timeline that details the new history and which storylines to keep or ignore. The New 52 DC Universe. On June 8, 2012, DC announced that in September 2012, the first anniversary of The New 52 launch, all titles would get a zero issue, dubbed “Zero Month”. March 2013, while the others would be published in February 2013.

DC later consolidated these new titles as the Fourth Wave of The New 52. 1 was published as the 52nd title in February 2013. 13 titles being published in April 2013. Starting with titles released on January 28, 2013, all printed New 52 publications featured advertisements for fictional news channel, Channel 52.

February 2013, and replaced the previous “DC Comics: All Access” features. The art is provided by Freddie E. Each week brings new content regarding the current or future goings-on in the DC universe. On January 30, 2013, DC announced that all titles released in April 2013 would be “WTF Certified”.