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This tutorial will cover some basic daily commands you need to use in order to manage Samba4 AD Domain Controller infrastructure, such as adding, removing, disabling or listing users and groups. We’ll also take a look on how red hat linux administration tutorial pdf manage domain security policy and how to bind AD users to local PAM authentication in order for AD users to be able to perform local logins on Linux Domain Controller.

Create an AD Infrastructure with Samba4 on Ubuntu 16. With the help of samba-tool interface you can directly manage domain users and groups, domain Group Policy, domain sites, DNS services, domain replication and other critical domain functions. To review the entire functionality of samba-tool just type the command with root privileges without any option or parameter. As mentioned earlier, samba-tool command line interface can also be used to manage your samba domain policy and security.

In order to modify samba domain password policy, such as the password complexity level, password ageing, length, how many old password to remember and other security features required for a Domain Controller use the below screenshot as a guide. Never use the password policy rules as illustrated above on a production environment. The above settings are used just for demonstration purposes. Linux system environment and modify Samba4 AD DC. First, open samba main configuration file and add the below lines, if missing, as illustrated on the below screenshot. This setting assures that Active Directory users can change their password from command line while authenticated in Linux. With this setting on, AD users authenticated locally on Linux cannot change their password from console.

AD realm user or group database. Also, write the realm with uppercases. We are thankful for your never ending support. Your name can also be listed here. Please let me know how can i update it.

Thanks for the very useful article. Can we set it in domain level? Seems Samba 4 doesn’t have the option. Try to search deep through pdbedit command. Use pdbedit -u your_user -v to see user properties. Can i get home directory where first login on samba via windows machine? That’s the normal behaviour to create a home directory for a user when you first log on onto the Linux machine.