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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The population was estimated at 46,000 shona bible old testament pdf 2002.

Marondera also has industrial estates for manufacturing and factories etc, supermarkets, large commercial businesses, small businesses, a football stadium called Rudhaka stadium, recreational facilities and provincial government offices as well as a provincial hospital and clinics and is also home to the police provincial headquarters. Marondera town is represented by a member of parliament and is also home to the governor of mashonaland east province. High density suburbs of marondera are Nyameni township, Dombotombo township, Cherima township, Yellow city township, Rusike, Cherutombo township. Medium density suburbs are Ruzawi park, Cherutombo medium density suburb, Garikai medium density suburb, Ruware park, Ruvimbo park, Morning side.

Low density suburbs are Paradise park, Winston park, Lendy park. Marondera is a nice town to live in and is liked by many due to its close proximity to the city of Harare. It has a very low crime rate and the people are hardworking. The transport system within the town is mainly licensed private sector operations. Privately owned public transport consists of licensed buses, minibuses and taxis.

Residents are exposed to variety of newspapers namely the Herald, Financial Gazette, Zimbabwe Independent, Standard, Newsday, Dailynews, the local newspaper Chaminuka, Kwayedza and online newspapers such as New Zimbabwe. Zimbabwean, Newsdze Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Situation etc. This was later contracted to Marandellas. Constituted a village in 1913, it became a town in 1943. It is an educational centre with numerous elite private and government schools in the area.