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Spiritual Warfare spiritual warfare sermons pdf, outlines, podcasts and Bible Studies from Teacher, Ken Birks. Blessed are the people who know the joyful sound!

When God came to each one of us, it wasn’t necessarily with a big splash or shinning light for the most the most part. He came in the simplicity of daily life that is common to mankind. As we mature and grow in Christ, His mighty work in our lives is often done in this same manner — in simplicity and quietness. This is the work of Christ that continually brings forth the rebirth of hope in our lives. It begins with the birth of His Spirit in our lives and continues as we faithfully follow His quiet leadings. This is a three part series on the Birth of Chirst and the Message of John the Baptist. These messages can be preached individually or put togother as a series of messages.

In these first few chapters of Luke’s Gospel, the theme that emerges is the “Rebirth of Hope”. God was about to burst into this world of men. Jesus was about to be born, and after His birth our world, despite all its poverty and injustice, wars and terrorists, has never been the same. Jesus brought forth a rebirth of hope for mankind. Even the people of Israel, who had been given prophets to declare God’s law and guide them into His ways, had twisted life out of shape. In their self-willed ways, they too had cheated one another, lied, and tried to use each other. As a result their lives fell under the control of sin living empty and frustrated lives.

During Noah’s time God chose to destroy the world because of sin, but this time He chose to send a savior. As a result God judged the sin of His people as History records a series of defeats and years of foreign captivity. Even though at the time of Christ they were living in their own land, God’s people were crushed under the weight of the Roman Empire. Rome had brought world peace–but with peace came heavy taxes, armies of mercenaries stationed in every land, Roman culture and values, the gladiatorial games, slavery–and misery.

There was still poverty and injustice. People still struggled to live, and kept on living by habit long after they had lost all sense of purpose or meaning in life. Their’s was a world that had run out of hope. The promised coming of the Messiah represented to them the “Rebirth of Hope”. But something unique was about to happen in an insignificant province in Rome’s wide-spread empire.