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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The material used in tennis string can tennis for dummies pdf download affect a player’s performance, and even health. Several materials are used to make tennis strings. They vary in terms of elasticity, durability, rebound efficiency, tension holding capability, and manufacturing cost, among other considerations.

Animal intestine is the most resilient material used to make tennis strings. It has better tension retention than any other material, and also is softer than any other material used for tennis strings. It provides the most energy return, meaning it is the most efficient string. It remains soft at high tensions while other materials tend to stiffen dramatically. Natural gut is very sensitive to different types of weather and those players who use it normally carry several different racquets with different tensions to compensate for this.

Some players, particularly those who hit flat shots and hit the sweet spot consistently, find high-quality gut to be more durable than many other types of strings due to its outstanding tension retention. This may help to offset the high initial cost. The use of a dense string pattern also generally improves the longevity of natural gut. It is this elasticity that makes the fibers useful for tennis string. VS brand of gut fifty years later. Natural gut is usually offered in coated form, to reduce its tendency to unravel, particularly when humid or wet. Synthetic gut is nylon, nearly always composed of a single filament.