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Good Guys” the bad guys won pdf “Bad Asses. Contrary to the previous Inferno shows, the Lifesaver competitions have been limited to gender-only winners.

The season premiered on Tuesday April 10, 2007 on MTV. 10,000 is awarded to the winning team that will be banked into the team’s bank account. At the end of team challenges, one player from each team is nominated by the opposing team for the Inferno, depending on gender. Inferno with a teammate of the same gender. Each Inferno alternates between male and female. 150,000, coupled with the accumulated money earned from the team and individual challenges, while the losing players will be eliminated from the game. Players from each team are tangled together from multiple ropes hanging from a platform 30 feet above the water.

After grabbing a team flag, each player must untangle themselves and maneuver their way around their teammates before detaching from a harness that will drop them into the water. A team is disqualified if even one player is detached from their harness before untangling themselves. The team that properly untangles their entire team in the fastest time wins. Players from each team have to race a ladder up and down a two-story, 40-foot tower as fast as possible.