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To compete in today’s dynamic business environment in Egypt and the region there is a need to invest in developing new competencies and skill sets the business intermediate pdf managers. Egypt to enable them to achieve their vital objectives and contribute to Egypt’s sustainable development.

PDF launched the 2nd round of the NGOs Award of Excellence during a press conference on the 30th of April, 2017. PDF organizes an employment fair in cooperation with Jobzella. The one-to-one sessions and coaching, in particular, were highly personalized, tailored to each participant’s needs. The direct influence of the program was the interaction between the different industries and between senior executive managers, which allowed them to put competition aside and look at the big picture. The dedication and commitment I learnt at PDF is immeasurable. The experience exposed me to the real dynamics of the corporate world.

I know I would not have learnt this otherwise. As a participant in the first group of certified Microsoft Business Intelligence graduates, this opportunity distinguished me from my colleagues and gave me an edge in a new untapped field. Joining the Great Plains scholarship was a turning point in my career. I was impressed by the CIT Academy learning methodology. Without this certification opportunity it would not have been possible for me to make such a smooth career transition form a salesman to an ERP consultant. SEP is a very distinctive and comprehensive senior executive program.

The program has further enriched my network by providing a forum to mingle with other private sector executives as well as government officials. The case-based program has deepened my MBA know-how, and has provided me with insights into other organizations’ challenges and success stories. I appreciate everything I learnt through the GRP program. Quite simply, it brought out the best in me! The scholarship not only changed me on a professional level, it tremendously changed my attitude towards work and life. It was a major driving force in my character development. Egypt Economical and Political landscape has changed radically, but one thing remains unchanged the most valuable, a resources Egypt has in abundance: It’s HUMAN CAPITAL.