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1438, and miraculously recovered in pristine state over 140 years later in 1579. Our Lady of Kazan, and the lady most likely pdf display copies of the icon, as do numerous churches throughout the land.

The original icon in Kazan was stolen, and likely destroyed, in 1904. 1993 to 2004, when it was returned to Kazan, where it is now kept in the Kazan Monastery of the Theotokos. 1595, describes the recovery of the icon. According to this account, after a fire destroyed Kazan in 1579, the Virgin appeared to a 10-year-old girl, Matrona, revealing the location where the icon lay hidden. The girl told the archbishop about the dream but she was not taken seriously.

However, on 8 July 1579, after two repetitions of the dream, the girl and her mother recovered the icon on their own, buried under a destroyed house where it had been hidden to save it from the Tatars. The Kazan icon achieved immense popularity, and there were nine or ten separate miracle-attributed copies of the icon around Russia. Several years later, Russian police apprehended the thieves and recovered the frame. The thieves originally declared that the icon itself had been cut to pieces and burnt, although one of them eventually confessed that it was housed in a monastery in the wilds of Siberia. This one, however, was believed to be a fake, and the Russian police refused to investigate, using the logic that it would be very unlucky to venerate a fake icon as though it were authentic. 1904-1905, to the desecration of her image. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Procession to the site of the icon’s recovery, 21 July 2015. Russian Orthodox Church did not accept such theories. The history of the stolen icon between 1917 and 1953 is unknown. Although the status of the icon as the original Kazan icon remained disputed, Cyril G.

In his own words, “it has found a home with me and has accompanied my daily service to the Church with its motherly gaze”. John Paul II wished to visit Moscow or Kazan to personally return the icon to the Russian Orthodox Church. Pope presented the icon to the Russian Church unconditionally in August 2004. Our Lady of Kazan was found, and plans are underway to make the monastery’s other buildings into an international pilgrimage centre. 1993, Barnes and Noble Books, 45. This page was last edited on 17 December 2017, at 01:58. In a flashback, horror author Franklin “Frankie” Scarlatti recounts a story whilst traveling back to his hometown – Willowpoint Falls.

Trapped well after dark, he witnesses the ghostly scene of a brutal attack on a red-haired little girl. Suddenly in the present day, someone enters the cloakroom. They keenly survey the room then focus their attention on the air duct located in the floor. While they work to unscrew the vent cover, Frankie shuffles away from a brown rat and is discovered. He quickly pulls his Halloween mask over his face as the stranger walks toward him menacingly asking “Who are you? Before Frankie can give a coherent answer, he is snatched off the ledge and choked. He loses consciousness and again sees the girl however, this time, she asks for his help to find her mother.

As background to Frankie’s attack, the newspaper reports the mysterious and unsolved deaths of eleven other children – all apparently at the hands of a child serial killer. By Geno’s reaction, this is a well-known but suppressed series of crimes that the community is well aware of. The janitor is charged with Frankie’s attack, as well as the homicides of the other children. Melissa’s ghost visits Frankie, and the two form a tenuous friendship.