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Catholic Church, some people saw a need to the last reformation book pdf the way it worked. This happened in the year 1517. 1648 recognised Protestants, and is generally seen as the end of this process. In the beginning of the 16th century, many events occurred that led to the protestant reformation.

The split was over doctrine not corruption. The doctrines at question were, Indulgences and Justification clergy corruption was tangential not the major reason. This suggested that the rich could buy their way into Heaven while the poor could not – quite the opposite of what the Bible says. The sermon is that part of the service where the priest teaches people things from the Bible. Because of this, ordinary people did not know very much about Christianity. Religious posts were often sold to whoever was willing to pay the most money for them.

So they told the people many different things. Furthermore, the clergy did not respond to the population needs because they did not speak the local language, or live in their own diocese. The recent invention of the printing press helped spread awareness of the Church’s abuses, and coordinate a response. He may also have nailed a copy to the door of the Wittenberg chapel. Many countries in Europe followed the trend of Protestant reformation and Europe was divided by denomination.

This Peace recognized the confessional division of the German states and gave the right to Protestants to practice their religion. It had a big influence in its first centuries and was ended the 1960s. Protestant denominations have multiplied in different forms, especially in Protestant countries. Protestants to immigrate, and Protestant countries sometimes forbade Catholics. In later centuries, many Protestant churches were established in the province of Quebec despite Britain’s failure to do so.