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Little girl who lives down the lane movie poster. Wells Harbor, Maine, Rynn Jacobs is celebrating her thirteenth birthday alone in her father Lester’s house. Lester was a poet and the two recently moved from England, where he leased the house for three years. Frank Hallet, the adult son of landlord Cora Hallet, visits and makes sexual advances toward Rynn. Cora Hallet later arrives at the house, searching for Rynn’s father. Rynn claims he is in New York and taunts the landlord about her son. The situation becomes more tense when Mrs.

Hallet insists on retrieving her jelly glasses from the cellar. Rynn steadfastly refuses to let her in the cellar, and Mrs. She returns later, and, ignoring Rynn’s warnings, opens the trapdoor to go into the cellar. Suddenly terrified by something she sees, Mrs.